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 Resources - Partial List 

Introduction to the Beats:

- Go (John Clellan Homes)

- The Beat Generation in San Francisco; A Literary Tour (Bill Morgan)

- The Best Minds of My Generation, A Literary History of the Beats

      (Allen Ginsberg)

- The Rolling Stone Book of the Beats (Holly George-Warren, ed.)

- The Typewriter is Holy; the Complete Uncensored History of the Beat

      Generation (Bill Morgan)

- The Beat Book (Volume 4, 1974; the unspeakable visions of the individual)

      (Arthur Winfield Knight and Glee Knight, ed.)

- The Portable Beat Reader (Ann Charters, ed.)


Allen Ginsberg:

- As Ever, The Collected Correspondence of Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady

       (Barry Gifford, ed.)

- Best Minds, A tribute to Allen Ginsberg (Bill Morgan and Bob Rosenthal, ed.)

- I Celebrate Myself; The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg (Bill Morgan)


Carolyn Cassady:

- Off the Road (Carolyn Cassady)

- Travel Tips for the Timid, Or What Guidebooks Never Tell

        (Carolyn Cassady; Cathy Cassady, ed.)

- Poetic Portrait: Carolyn Cassady Revealed in Poetry and Prose

        (Carolyn Cassady; Cathy Cassady)

- What’s Her Name Podcast:

​- Documentary by Carl Stickley in celebration of Carolyn's 89th birthday


Neal Cassady:

- The First Third (Neal Cassady)

- Grace Beats Karma; Letters From Prison (1958-1960) (Neal Cassady)

- Neal Cassady, The Fast Life of a Beat Hero

        (David Sandison and Graham Vickers)

- Neal Cassady Collected Letters (1944-1967) (Dave Moore, ed.)

- The Holy Goof; A Biography of Neal Cassady (William Plummer)

- The Beats’ Holy Grail (David L. Ulin) Alta Magazine, October 3, 2018

- Documentary: Neal Cassady, The Denver Years

        (Colorado Public Television and Mother Mind Studios)

- Neal Cassady Estate website

 - Alta Magazine interview re: “The Joan Anderson Letter”


Jack Kerouac:

- On the Road (Jack Kerouac)

- On The Road – The Original Scroll (Howard Cunnell, ed)

- Kerouac, A Biography (Ann Charters)

- Desolate Angel; Jack Kerouac, The Beat Generation, and America

        (Dennis McNally)

- Jack Kerouac (David Sandison)

- Jack Kerouac Angelheaded Hipster (Steve Turner)

- Jack Kerouac Selected Letters (1940-1956) (Ann Charters, ed.)

- Memory Babe; A Critical Biography of Jack Kerouac (Gerald Nicosia)


Women of the Beat Generation:

- Women of the Beat Generation; The Writers, Artists and Muses at the Heart of             a Revolution (Brenda Knight)

- Minor Characters, A Beat Memoir (Joyce Johnson)

- Nobody’s Wife, The Smark Aleck and the King of the Beats

        (Joan Haverty Kerouac)


For Fun!

            Brian Hassett’s series:

                        The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jack Kerouac

                        How the Beats Begat the Pranksters

                        On the Road With Cassadys

                        Holy Cats! Dream-Catching at Woodstock 

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