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 Poetic Portrait:

Carolyn Cassady Revealed

in Poetry and Prose.



Carolyn's poetry with accompanying prose by her eldest daughter, Cathy Cassady, describing her mother's mindset and feelings at the time Carolyn wrote each poem.  These thoughts and memories are gleaned from over thirty years of Carolyn's recently-discovered journals. (Published 2020)


Carolyn Cassady's European Travels

     Carolyn Cassady, wife of Beat icon, Neal Cassady, delightfully documents her first longed-for trek “across the pond” to Europe.  Not until she was in her mid-fifties was she able to fulfill a dream she’d nurtured her entire life, one she gratefully shared with their middle child, Jami. The fun, and often challenging, experiences they encountered during their pre-tech 1979 journey are described by Carolyn in Travel Tips for the Timid, or What Guidebooks Never Tell. Notes from Carolyn’s handwritten travel diary are interwoven throughout, as well as her charming illustrations. A coded link is provided for readers to access the beautiful color scrapbook Carolyn created upon returning home.  Despite the fact that a similar journey undertaken today would be enhanced by technology, the tips offered and descriptions of the beauty they observed can still be appreciated. Join Carolyn and Jami on a historical joy-filled ride through Europe. 

(Published 2018)    

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Off The Road

Twenty Years with Neal Cassady,

Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

by Carolyn Cassady

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